Clearsep News

YEAR 2002
  • Clearsep Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. registered as a Private limited company.
  • Trade mark of Clearsep Logo and Clearsep name registered
  • Fully automatic Mixed juice filter commissioned in a sugar mill.
  • Formal association with M/s. UNISLOT NV Belgium started

YEAR 2003
  • First Clearsep Backwashable Candle Filter commissioned in a oil recycling plant in a Petrochemical refinery.
  • Fully automatic Self-cleaning Filter –Piston operated type complete with feed pump, piping, valve etc. introduced for the first time in Paint industry for filtration of emulsions replacing manual system.

YEAR 2004
  • Clearsep Backwashable Candle Filter in S.S. 316 delivered to a Sorbitol plant
  • Automatic Miscella Filter designed and supplied to a solvent extraction plant in Gulf.
  • Complete Filtration system consisting of Automatic Self-cleaning Filters, Welded wedge wire candle filter and tilted wire type DSM Screens exported to Bahrain.
  • Filter cartridges indigenised for various grinding mills like, Basket mill, Perl mill, Dyno mill, Innoue mill, Netzsch mill, Mac mill, KD mill etc.

YEAR 2005
  • In line strainers with inverted basket (falling debris type) designed and delivered to a Pharmaceutical plant in Ankleshwar, 8 nos.
  • First Dual pod skid & single pod skid delivered for brine filtration for well completion services.
  • First set of sea water filter delivered.
  • Moved to own premises in an office complex inside a shopping mall at Mumbai suburb.

YEAR 2006
  • S.S. 316 Jacketed Candle filter, with complete buff finish, exported to Pharmaceutical Plant.
  • Turboedge filters introduced for filtration of emulsion paints.

YEAR 2007
  • Export of S.S. Bag filters and S.S. Turboedge filters started.
  • Staggered slotted candles introduced in Clearsep™ backwashble candle filters for efficient catalyst recovery and excellent backwashing performance.
  • Clearsep™ candle filters, 2 Nos. 18 sq.m each, commissioned in a large sugar refinery in Thailand.
  • Lauter Tun false bottom in welded wedge wire construction designed, supplied and installed in two breweries plant.

YEAR 2008
  • Halar lined Clearsep™ Candle filters with Hastelloy candles delivered to a pharma major.
  • Tooth paste filters exported to Africa and Gulf.
  • Hastelloy basket filters designed, manufactured and supplied to a polymer plant.

YEAR 2009
  • Export of Welded wedge wire type beer candles started.
  • Vacuum skip for collection of rig waste designed.

YEAR 2010
  • A Duplex Cartridge filter skid consisting of 180 nos. of S.S. cartridges designed, manufactured & delivered to a Aluminium smelter in gulf.
  • Clearsep™ Candle filters in 904L designed, manufactured and delivered to a polymer plant.
  • Turboedge filters for grease filtration exported to Europe.

YEAR 2011
  • Export of Automatic Back flushing type Self-cleaning filters started.
  • Drum cleaning and can cleaning units designed, manufactured, delivered and commissioned in paint manufacturing plant.

YEAR 2012
  • Manufacturing shifted to a larger, independent and modern facility near Mumbai.
  • Higher flow Automatic backflushing filters introduced and commissioned for Mixed juice filtration.

YEAR 2013
  • One lot of Automatic Self-cleaning filters exported USA for installation in a power plant.
  • Automatic Self-cleaning filters commissioned in edible oil refinery plant.

YEAR 2014
  • Back washable Cartridge Filter designed, manufactured and supplied for Miscella Filtration application, 5 micron clarity.

YEAR 2015
  • Complete set (26 Nos.) of fully automatic Self-cleaning filters, both pneumatically operated & motor driven, delivered to a major paint manufacturing unit.

YEAR 2016
  • Fully automated filtration plant consisting of welded wedge wire candle filter designed, manufactured, supplied & commissioned for precoat filtration for producing high quality sugar in a cane sugar refinery.

YEAR 2017
  • Designed, manufactured and exported unique ready for re-assembly knocked down skid with Clearsep Candle filters, vessels, piping & instruments, stair cases, handrails etc to USA.
  • Skid mounted "U" stamped Automatic Self-cleaning Filters exported to USA.

YEAR 2018
  • Custom designed Pneumatically operated Self-cleaning Filters more than 150 nos. manufactured and supplied in one go.

YEAR 2019
  • Sell-backflushing "U" stamp compliant purpose designed Welded wedge wire candle filters commissioned in a chemical plant. Additional 14000 sq. ft manufacturing facility added.

YEAR 2020
  • Designed Manufactured and exported six sets of Clean-in-place filtration system with all metallic wedge wire candles to Sugar Refineries in USA/ CANADA

YEAR 2021
  • Designed, manufactured and exported multiple filtration skids and for use in Vegetable Oil Refineries in different countries in Africa.